Ideas of new projects arise at the company as a result of observing the latest tendencies of warfare, communication with representatives of military units, obtaining specific operational and technical requirements. This is a kind of search for opportunities to create a serial sample of military equipment that would meet the needs of the army.
That fact that every development of Athlon Avia begins with the identification of specific tasks, which needs to be solved – created products best suited to customers interests.

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After developing a general idea and concept for a future solution, a new phase begins – 3D modelling and prototype design. To do this, company engineers use a SolidWorks PDM license. This computer-aided design system offers the possibility of collaborative design work on each of the project elements on several sites at the same time. Equally important in the design of UAVs is the ability to simulate real conditions, which gives an understanding of how the product will behave during operation at the stage of 3D design. This all enhances the quality of the model and shortens the development cycle.

Production of the test sample

Finalizing the modeling phase, a technical project, prepared and approved by the relevant department, with all drawings and textual information, becomes the basis for the production of a test product/batch of products.
The test sample, together with the design department, such workshops at the “Athlon Avia” are making on: the workshop of composite materials, the workshop of mechanical processing and the workshop of assembly.
The design and development documentation for the “prototype” is making by the technological and design departments.

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Test procedures & refinement

Internal tests of the prototype are carried out by the specialists of the SPC “Athlon Avia” according to the approved programs and test methods, in conditions that imitate real ones. At each stage of internal testing, the results are captured and analysed, including the confirmation of the tactical and technical characteristics stated in the technical design.
According to the test results, the design department can make changes to the product design, to achieve the planned characteristics, or in the case of changes in product tasks.

Start of serial production

In case of successfully tests passing, positive assessment of the product compliance with the tactical and technical tasks, confirmation of the possibility of its use and the proper state of documentation, we make a decision to supply the product to serial production.

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