Athlon Avia Scientific – Production Enterprise produces the best UAS since 2013 and is a leader in the field of unmanned systems in Ukraine. Our solutions have clear terms of reference and designed to perform tactical military missions, including intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, reconnaissance, and artillery fire adjustment.

For several years, the Unmanned Aviation System of artillery fire adjustment Furia© has been successfully operated by the Armed Forces, National Guard, and Security Service of Ukraine. Today, our company has executed more than 20 contracts, most of which are under the State Defense Order.

In 2020 UAS A1-CM “Furia” was adopted by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which was the recognition of success. For “Creation and use of unmanned aerial vehicles of a mini-class and implementation of innovative technologies of their production” Athlon Avia was honored by the Prize of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.


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UAS A1-CM Furia was adopted by the AFU


February 2020 – a common decision of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine & ATHLON AVIA LLC was signed on the conclusion of state testing of the UAS A1-CM Furia, according to which the prototype of the UAS A1-CM Furia withstood all state tests and meets the requirements of tactical & technical specifications.

UAS A1-CM Furia is recommended for use at the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the organization of serial production.

At the beginning of 2020, the ordinary tests of the loitering munition ST-35 Silent Thunder was successfully carried out.

April 9, UAS A1-CM Furia was adopted by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


New perspectives

Preparation for state tests


From the beginning of 2019, Athlon Avia and its invention – UAS A1-CM Furia were preparing for state tests, which will open a new page in the company’s biography.

As of September 2019, SPC has completed about 15 state contracts for the transfer of unmanned aerial systems of various purposes (100 complexes of 2-3 UAV).

October 2019 – at the Arms and Security Exhibition (Kyiv), ST-35 Silent Thunder munition was first presented. It is designed to defeat particularly important and valuable targets in closed positions with minimal damage to civilians and infrastructure.

At the end of 2019, Athlon Avia successfully completed a repair contract and signed a similar one for the following year.


Halfway to the stars

Strategy development and state recognition


As part of the State defense order 2018, it was decided not to take large contracts but get the time to develop a new solution and bring it to the tests by the end of the year.

In May 2018, Athlon Avia was honored by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Prize for “Creation and use of unmanned aerial vehicles of a mini-class and implementation of innovative technologies of their production”, what was the recognition of the success.

At the Parade of Independence in August 2018, Ukrainian UASs were presented, including A1-CM Furia.

At the same time, the team of Athlon Avia was developing a new solution – a high-precision munition with an optical guidance channel.


Something Special New

UAS has been renamed


In 2017, Athlon Avia’s invention was highly specialized in the execution of reconnaissance missions to artillery’s fire adjustment. It had no analogous, at least in the domestic market.

The UAS was named Furia.

The same year, under the state contract for the Security Service of Ukraine, Athlon Avia transferred two specials commonly developed (with SSU & Department of operation and technical activities) systems.

Also, in 2017 Athlon Avia received special permission and signed a second contract with the Ministry of Defense for the Furias’ transfer and successfully executed it on time.

In May 2017, Furia UAS was presented at the exhibition in Istanbul.


One Year Later

The first professional recognition


The first presentation of UAV was held on January 21, 2015.

In the summer of 2015, new unmanned aerial vehicles were officially adopted by the National Guard and the first five A1-C systems were transferred to the Armed Forces.

In November 2015, the testing center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine upheld the conformity of the serial sample with the specified requirements of the Armed Forces as the battlefield UAV.

In 2016, Scientific-Production Company Athlon Avia become entrenched in professional circles and the media as the national leader of UAS development and production.

In the same 2016, the company presented a deeply upgraded version of A1-CM, which was successfully tested by the state department and artillery. The upgraded version received favorable reviews by the military.


Our Birth

From amateurs of aircraft-modelers to developers of the best UAS’s in Ukraine


At the beginning of 2014, the first engineering solution was an aircraft based on a hobby American styrofoam aircraft. Ukrainian army was interested in this aircraft design. It was the beginning of scientific – production enterprise establishment.

On June 6, 2014, Athlon Avia LLC was registered, as a four like-minded people partnership, where everyone took his place.

Summer 2014 – the possibility of using the unmanned aerial vehicle A1C “SIVER” was tested on the base of Chernihiv Scientific and Testing Center of the Armed Forces.

As a result, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine approved the possibility of using a UAV “A1-C” in the Armed Forces for certain assignments.

Later, in the same 2014, volunteers put forward a specific tactical and technical assignment for the company and in autumn the first UASs were transferred to the National Guard of Ukraine.


Our strategy is developing technological solutions for the army in accordance with modern conditions of warfare, concentration & specialization of production, adherence to international standards of quality of military equipment.

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