Design & programming

Design is a base for the implementation of any technical solution. To do this, Athlon Avia engineers use specialized software, including CAD-systems, e.g. SolidWorks PDM. This computer-aided design system opens up opportunities for joint design work on each of the elements of the project simultaneously on several sites.

Equally important in unmanned aerial vehicle design is the ability to simulate real conditions, which allows you to assess the technical and operational characteristics at the modeling stage. Using of these design approaches significantly shortens the development and testing cycle.

Another one important stage is designing printed circuit boards required for the manufacture of unmanned aerial vehicles. Athlon Avia engineers have extensive experience in developing printed circuit boards that meet modern circuitry approaches, as well as military requirements for reliability and resistance to electromagnetic, climatic, and mechanical influences.

Also, for the organization of production, the ERP system (system for automation of management of production) of own development is used, which allows for continuous balancing and optimization of enterprise resources and provide a common model of data and processes for all areas of activity.