Currently, Ukroboronprom may envy the turnover of Athlon Avia. What contributed to the company's rise?

Before the war in the Donbas, the Ukrainian army was armed with unmanned tactical reconnaissance aircraft developed in the USSR. Their use was abandoned: in the occupied territories, the enemy deployed modern air defense and electronic warfare (EW) systems.

“In the summer of 2014, the first tests of the possibility of using the unmanned aerial vehicle A1-C based on the Chernihiv Research and Testing Center of the Armed Forces were held, as a result of which the Ministry of Defense approved the possibility of using it for several tasks.

In autumn, took place the first supplies of UAS A1- C (which was later called “Furia”) to the National Guard of Ukraine.”

In 2016, “Furia” was used for reconnaissance tasks in the interests of artillery and fire adjustment. 

During the international exhibition “Arms and Security-2019”, “Athlon Avia” presented loitering munition ST-35 “Silent Thunder”.

The loitering munition is launched using a multicopter and has an automatic guidance system. The UAV can independently adjust its trajectory during aiming and assess meteorological conditions in the area of ​​impact.

Since 2014, the company has supplied more than 100 A1-CM Furia UASs as part of the MOD contracts. Each system includes two or three aircraft and one control station.

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