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Athlon Avia Scientific – Production Enterprise produces the best UAS since 2013 and is a leader in the field of unmanned systems in Ukraine. Our solutions have clear terms of reference and designed to perform tactical military missions, including intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, reconnaissance, and artillery fire adjustment.

For several years, the Unmanned Aviation System of artillery fire adjustment Furia© has been successfully operated by the Armed Forces, National Guard, and Security Service of Ukraine. Today, our company has executed more than 20 contracts, most of which are under the State Defense Order.

In 2020 UAS A1-CM Furia was adopted by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which was the recognition of success. For “Creation and use of unmanned aerial vehicles of a mini-class and implementation of innovative technologies of their production” Athlon Avia was honored by the Prize of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.


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A1-CM Furia

The Unmanned Aerial System is a mean of ISTAR (intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, reconnaissance) and artillery fire correction.

  • Takeoff weight
    5,5 kg
  • Operation radius
    50 km
  • Flight time
    3 h
  • Route length
    200 km

ST-35 Silent Thunder

Is a means of exploration and defeat targets. It is designed to defeat particularly important and valuable targets in closed positions.

  • Takeoff weight
    9 kg
  • Operation radius
    30 km
  • Flight time
    1 h
  • Flight distance
    up to 50 km

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